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Case Studies

Development of Clear Objectives, Improved Process, and Execution Leadership for Non-Profit


Brainyfrog Marketing & Consulting, LLCPROBLEM

An elementary school located in an urban, large school district was facing budget cuts, increasing class sizes and fewer programs. The student population was a mix of relatively high income (approx. 25%) and relatively lower income (approx. 50%). 42% of children qualified for the free lunch program. There was a need to raise an increasing amount of funds to cover the students’ needs – teacher salaries, field trips, supplies, etc. The major annual fundraiser had been following the same format and delivering a capped amount of funding each year, which was not enough. Further, the amount of energy expended by volunteers was tremendous and volunteer burnout was occurring.

Brainyfrog Marketing & Consulting, LLCTHE SOLUTION

  • As the leader of the key fundraising initiative, quickly assessed the situation and identified opportunities
  • Goal Identification: Developed and documented overall financial goals for event
  • Process Improvement: Identified and purchased online software to track the fundraiser portion of the event, including donor solicitation, donations received, revenue, and correspondence.
  • Appointed a leadership team with clear responsibilities, goals and deliverables. Managed team of 20+ solicitation members including an incentive program designed to drive strategic and higher value donations. Developed first ever budget to manage expenses and trained key team members to utilize budget process.
  • Expansion of Programs: Designed Corporate Sponsorship program and secured 8 corporate sponsors. Introduced a “sponsor now” program at the event.
  • Event Focus: Designed a strategy to ensure increased funds at the event; secured high worth, interested attendees (non-school families) by building a “strong school, strong community” feel to event. Increased event advertising to the community to raise awareness/interest. Increased financial rigor and financial controls around event costs.

Brainyfrog Marketing & Consulting, LLCRESULTS

  • Exceeded stated goal by 17%
  • Beat previously held record by 40%
  • Clear roles and processes in place for future fundraising efforts
  • Increased the awareness, interest and importance of the Fundraising Event both within the student body and in the community
  • Celebrated success and re-energized volunteer pool


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