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Our Leadership


France JacotFrance Jacot –Chief Frog (BrainyFrog Founder), Bold Marketer

  • A true French Canadian, her childhood nickname was “frog.”
  • Enjoys traveling, gardening and has a penchant for Pilates. Favorite places include the black beaches of Iceland, Bruges, Belgium and the Belizean rainforest.
  • Supports education and family causes, especially those that engender self-reliance.
  • France is known to jump in deep while collaborating on client projects and bringing the best out of everyone for great results. 

Anna MintoAnna Minto – Frog Partner - Business Strategy and Leadership Consulting

  • Raised in Africa, Europe and Canada, Anna has an international worldview.
  • Her Jack Russell terrier bears the name “Tex” not only because she resides in Dallas – she is doubly blessed with Longhorn markings.
  • When she is not delivering quality work, Anna loves the great outdoors.
  • She is known for getting to the bottom line every time and knows how to harness consumer purchasing power.


Patty HansenPatty Hansen – Frog Partner - Consumer Insights and Bus Intel

  • Hailing from the mid-west, Patty can’t live without Chicago style pizza every now and then
  • Patty is a curious creature, excelling and enjoying the journey of learning about what drives people’s behavior
  • Patty loves fine wine, reading and travelling
  • She is known to deliver highly focused insight that drives brand relevance and sales.


Anna MintoPressley Harris Peters – Communications Guru: Writing, PR and Marketing

  • Growing up in Alabama instilled several winning attributes, including a can-do attitude and an obsession with college football (Roll Tide Roll).
  • Loves the color green, tennis and a hard spring rain.
  • Pressley works and plays hard, and above all, believes in giving back to family, friends and community.
  • She is known for planning and executing strategy, as well as delivering outstanding slogans and effective copy.





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