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The BrainyFrog Name

We needed a name. A name that would be memorable, meaningful, and provide the company with a cool visual device. And it had to represent France Jacot and what the business stood for. A few friends were pondering the idea over a cup of java.

There was something very intriguing about the frog… read on!Canadian Flag

France is a Frog

France is French Canadian – and French Canadians are fondly known as Frogs in the great white north. Her childhood nickname was Frog. Over the years she has amassed a lot of frog paraphernalia. You get the picture.

And the Frog made a lot of sense from a
business point of view…

The Frog thrives in Different Environments.

The frog is an amphibian which is similar to how BrainyFrog consults with many companies in different categories, different regional areas and of different sizes. We bring solutions to companies in many environments –
every single day.

The FrogThe Frog is Adaptable.

There are times when a frog will blend into his surroundings & listen and other times when a frog leaps with power and speed. This parallels nicely to our company. At times we must quietly listen and learn – about our client, about our category, about our consumers. There are times when we move quickly to out-smart and out-execute our competitors in the marketplace.

The Frog Catches Faster Flies.

The frog acts smartly and swiftly to catch its prey. BrainyFrog helps businesses do the same – we develop a winning strategy that out-smarts competitors and execute it at the right moment so your company takes a giant leap forward.

BrainyFrog Marketing & Consulting, LLCAnd thus, BrainyFrog Marketing was born.

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